about us

At Living Stone, you can Belong while you work out what you Believe and Become who God created you to be.

You will see that play itself out in everything we do. Whether we gather in groups around tables with friends and neighbors, whether we gather in big groups on Sunday to worship and hear the Word of God preached, or whether we serve together to make our world a little bit better, we always work to give people a place to Belong.

Whitney & Ali Clayton

Whitney Clayton is the lead pastor at Living Stone Community Church. Traveling from Northern Kentucky to Mesa, Arizona, Whitney wants to see people build deep and meaningful relationships, centered around the life altering message of the gospel. He and his lovely bride Ali have been married for over twelve years. They have 4 kiddos, three handsome little men and an adorable little girl.

Ali leads our Living Stone Kids Team. As a church with OVER HALF of it’s congregation under the age of 10, we are passionate about kids ministry! We believe kids are a precious resource and a blessing from God. Our goal is to help children develop the friendships they need as they learn about the God who loves them. At Living Stone, every child is loved, every child is wanted, and every child hears and sees each week how much Jesus loves them thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Ali and her amazing team.