What is a KORE Group?

Do you have a junk drawer? That one drawer you use as a hiding place for all the stuff you don’t really know what to do with? Everything in those drawers once had some use, but now, when you are not sure what to do with something once useful, you just toss it in the […]

KORE Groups: The 4 Fences

In studying the importance of boundaries, psychologists once devised a study where children were asked to play in a yard with no boundaries, no fences. Then the children were later given the chance to play in a yard with boundaries, fences, on four sides. Psychologists found the children utilized more space for their play while […]

Living Stone Does Not Do Bible Studies

Things We Say: “Living Stone Does Not Do Bible Studies”I sat there, fuming, while a pastor, with a derisive, condescending chuckle, told a group of 100 people, “Of course, we don’t do Bible studies.” I along with those other people were sitting in an academic building on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, […]